Founded in 2015, Mur.Doc 104 is a 5-piece old-school thrash metal band from Malta influenced by the Bay Area Movement of the 80s, citing bands like Exodus, Death Angel, Forbidden & Hirax as main influences.

The band was founded by guitarists Joseph and Steven (Animamortua), with Oliver (A Black White Satellite) joining soon after on drums and Andrew on bass. In 2017, Luke (Killerwitch) joined the band as frontman to complete the line-up

Since their first show in 2018, Mur.Doc 104 were called in to play all major local metal events & festivals and have shared the stage with various international acts including Leprous, Omnium Gatherum, Kryptos, Insulter & Doomas amongst others.

In 2019, the band parted ways with founding member Steven, later to be replaced by Shaun (Rankin/Pupi tal-Loghob) on guitars in 2020, then in 2022, Sean (Sonic Storm/ Psychopath/ Zabbeth) took over bass duties instead of Andrew, thus completing the line-up as it is today.

Mur.Doc 104 released their first song titled Insolenza in peak COVID pandemic as an ode to the dour times the nation was going through and the inconsistencies witnessed by the common people. They later re-released an English version of the song (titled Reign of the Dead) for their international fans.

The Debut EP titled “The Undying” will be released independently on March 03 as a limited edition digipak, followed by worldwide distribution through all major streaming platforms on March 10.